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The Finest Kind team has control over the manufacturing of the cannabis products we sell, often from growth to distribution. This amount of oversight allows us to ensure the quality and safety of our cannabis products. 

In episode three of our video series, owner Doug Weller discusses what sets Finest Kind’s manufacturing process apart. 

Owner Doug Weller discusses what sets Finest Kind’s manufacturing apart in the third installment of Finest Kind’s video series. 

Manufacturing Cannabis Products

At Finest Kind, we are the manufacturer. We are able to provide affordable industrial cannabis derived products crafted from the best cannabis available, from our Lifeline CBD (our flagship brand) to Hashtag Brand Delta 8 and beyond. 

Regulations differ regulations from state-to-state. Therefore, it often falls on the customer to discern which products they can trust. This can be difficult when companies aren’t required to be transparent – check out our recent blog on this subject.  

“That’s one of the things that makes Finest Kind different,” Doug Weller said. “It’s that we control the manufacturing process basically from seed to sale. So it goes from the plant to the distillate from the product to the shelf – whether it’s a wholesale, retail, online. We control everything.” 

While the cannabis market isn’t brand new, it’s still in its infancy when it comes to regulation standards. Illicitly produced product is not held up to the same standard and does not undergo testing to ensure its safety.  

Not only does Finest Kind control the manufacturing process, we ensure that our products are backed by a certificate of authenticity – proving both potency and purity. 

Consuming Cannabis Products

Finest Kind’s products are constantly evolving to provide customers – we stock the classics as well as the latest, sought-after products. Basically, there’s something for everyone. 

Our manufacturing process may set a standard, but the way a person’s body reacts to a particular strain or cannabinoid can be unique.

With that in mind, Finest Kind’s selection of products constantly evolves to provide a comprehensive selection to our customers. Here is a list of some of our current favorites: 

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