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The first installment of our new video series is all about Finest Kind’s origin – what we do and how we got started. 

What does Finest Kind do?  

In short, Finest Kind is a one-stop shop based in Georgia that provides quality cannabis products. We stock high-quality industrial hemp-derived products, including CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta 8, and many other cannabinoids. 

Easily accessible, you can order our products online or purchase them in person at one of our two stores: Midtown(link) and Gwinnett(link). 

Finest Kind owner Doug Weller discusses the company’s creation.

How did Finest Kind Get Started? 

Finest Kind owners Tracy and Doug Weller saw a need in the Georgia cannabis market. The Atlanta area needed a shop that provided a better shopping experience for cannabis products, as well as a comprehensive selection of quality cannabis products.

“We noticed that there was not a reputable place to get quality CBD and cannabis products, aside from vape shops, gas stations, and (other) places you really probably don’t want to shop for cannabis products,” Doug Weller said. “So, we decided we’d open up a store and start a website.” 

Not new to the industry, our team had a solid knowledge of the industry. “We had been in the cannabis and CBD industry since roughly 2014,” Doug added. 

In 2017, Finest Kind’s flagship brand, Lifeline CBD, was founded. This was followed by Hashtag Brand Delta 8, founded in 2019. Our team continues to build its collection of featured brands to provide a comprehensive selection of products. 

We offer an inspiring in-store and online experience for customers, with a knowledgeable staff to help visitors navigate products for any medicinal and recreational needs. 

Want to see what we’re all about? 

If you want to learn more about Finest Kind, try out our products! Stop by one of our two locations, or check out a selection of our popular products online.